Jayne Nisbet

Jayne Nisbet

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekend Treats: Don't miss out because of your intolerances

As you walk round the shops and stress out at the fact that... THERE IS NOTHING I CAN INDULGE ON... be assured there definitely is, all you need to do is just look this little bit harder. For those that are not dairy intolerant too some of the non dairy options are actually healthier than the dairy ones, and therefore if you want to indulge without a bit of an extra bulge maybe have a shot at a couple of these frozen desserts. I discovered a couple of dairy free desserts over the weekend, through some extensive research: I REALLY WANTED something I could properly enjoy. There it was (Bessant and Drury: www.bessantanddrury.com/) frozen coconut milk dessert! Ideal for this weather and even better it comes in 4 flavours: Vanilla, chocolate, lemon and strawberry. Decided I really wanted to try some and my goodness it is actually nicer than normal ice cream. The bigger benefit if you order this online you can get the mini snack pot sizes too (result)! So My idea for today was to send you over 5 dessert ideas or summer frozen ideas if you would prefer to call it that for you to try.

Bessant and Drury Frozen Coconut Milk Dessert
Available from Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Goodness Direct or Local Health Stores.
Bessant & Drury is a luxury dessert made with the finest natural ingredients, including highly nutritious coconut milk. Renowned for its health benefits, coconut milk gives Bessant & Drury's a rich, smooth texture - yet our desserts have less than half the fat of a dairy ice cream. A truly delicious treat to enjoy without a moment's guilt.
Bessant & Drury is free from; Dairy and lactose Gluten GMO Egg Soya Cholesterol Artificial additives, flavourings and colourings Bessant & Drury is also suitable for those people who follow a vegan diet.

Food Heaven Lemon Dairy Free Cheesecake

Available in tescos, waitrose, foodheaven online
This dessert was a real surprise and treat! The base very different to normal cheesecake due to lack of eggs and gluten products it was absolutely delicious. Ideal for a dinner party and for a summer bbq.
Free from lactose, cholesterol & gluten
Vegetarian Society approved
Lemon dairy free cheesecake
Non dairy cheesecake, made with soya & vegetable oil cheese alternative
Heaven in the making...
Food Heaven desserts have been created from a desire to make delicious puddings accessible to people with special dietary requirements. Driven by a passion for good food and a heritage in vegetarian cookery, Jodi Anderson has developed these cheesecakes with you in mind... pure pleasure.

Zen Zen Coconut Desserts
This company not only trying to target those suffering with a dairy intolerance they are advertising this ice cream as a healthy option which is brilliant. Coconuts have always been viewed as highly nutritious and rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals and were said to come from “the tree of life”.
But it is only recently that we are discovering just how healthy they really may be. The secret lies within the coconut oil, or the fats. The types of fats found in coconuts are radically different to the types of fats found elsewhere in nature. Most saturated fats come in the form of Long-chain-Triglycerides, or LCT’s for short. Coconut oils are Medium-chain-Triglycerides, or MCT’s and high in Lauric acid. These types of fat are very rare although they are found in human breast milk and help to protect the baby from infections, so they are great for your immune system too. They can be good for increasing energy levels and since they have a strong thermic effect may well be effective in promoting fat loss! All the desserts are slightly sorbet-ish. They have excellent natural flavours, deeply virtuous ingredients and are not oversweet and, as a result, very refreshing.
They are dairy, egg, soya, gluten and cholesterol free, have no added sugar and a low GI. These products are not widely available yet so visit: http://www.zenzenfood.co.uk/where-to-buy/ to see where you can buy this product.

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